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Boston, MA
Reviewed: Jan 15, 2016
We loved Macks Inn. My children actually put away all their cellphones and electronic games to enjoy fishing and kayaking on the river. It was the best family vacation we have had in a long time! Thanks Macks Inn!
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Salt Lake City, UT
Reviewed: Jan 15, 2016
My family of five had an excellent stay at Macks Inn. The rustic cabin was cozy and had everything we needed. The highlight of our stay was floating down the river back to the resort. Perfect family vacation...we will be back next year for sure!
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Cleveland, OH
Reviewed: Jan 15, 2016
We stayed at Macks inn Resort during our vacation to Yellowstone National Park. It was an easy 20 minute drive to the west entrance of the park. Our motel room was clean and located next to the Snake River. We actually saw a mother moose and her baby. We highly recommend staying at this resort.
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Indianapolis, IN
Reviewed: Jul 17, 2012
Nice stay at Macks Inn for three days. Comfortable room & good service. Whats more there is a kitchen. We have cooked delicious meals. And had a happy & cozy bonfire with our neighbor & nice music & beer!
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