National Park is located only 17 Miles from Mack’s Inn Resort. As the United States’ oldest and most popular park, Yellowstone has over 4.1 million visitors each year. Whether visitors’ drive through to look at the landscapes, walk the hundreds of boardwalks, or hike into the backcountry, Yellowstone is a must see and has something for every age.

Yellowstone National Park encompasses over 3,468 square miles of pristine wilderness and lush forests. The road system is set-up as a figure-eight-shaped loop connecting to Yellowstone’s major attractions. Mack’s Inn Resort is located by the West Entrance (West Yellowstone, Montana). Other entrances are Mammoth Hot Springs, Montana (north entrance), Cody, WY (east entrance) and Jackson Hole, WY (south entrance).

One of the most unique aspects of Yellowstone National Park is its geothermal features. Due to the magma (volcanic substances) below the surface, Yellowstone has the largest collection of thermal activity in the world. These include hot springs, geysers, fumaroles and mud pots. Visitors can often hear and smell the features long before seeing them. Most visitors are awe struck by the force and power of these memorable features.

If you’re looking for lush landscape and water activities, then Yellowstone is your Park. 60% of the Yellowstone’s forested area is covered with Lodgepole pine. The variety of vegetation types combined with the breathtaking vistas make Yellowstone popular. The Park offers majestic views of waterfalls, rivers, streams and lakes. It’s ideal for the boating enthusiast, angler, and kayaker.

Remember that Yellowstone National Park is not a zoo and you cannot approach any of the animals. Be bear aware and read the Yellowstone literature on the ‘dos and donts’ and Park rules. Also, the weather changes quickly and often; which can close many roadways and hiking trails.

If you have any questions, ask a ranger or stop by a visitor’s center in the Park.

Yellowstone National Park